Our Mission

To build unquestionable confidence in iso-photographic computer-aided appearance design

Welcome to UVR. We are a nimble team of scientists, technologists, optical experts, and visionaries revolutionizing the way businesses approach the concept-to-production process. The combination of our breakthrough proprietary optical imaging, measurement, and rendering technologies will replace the currently expensive, inefficient, and unnecessarily analog design workflows with a more accurate and cost-effective iso-photographic computer-aided appearance design solution that builds confidence at every step in that process. We empower businesses, researchers, engineers, and design teams to make better and more informed R&D decisions early on by allowing them to predict how any object or material in all its forms, textures, and colors will look in any natural or artificial light environment before it ever exists — and before ever making costly investments in materials.


Cutting-edge optical science that will help businesses eliminate the need for physical prototypes and mockups in the design process

For product manufacturers and designers who need a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to build, test, and refine multiple prototypes and mockups in real-time, UVR provides next-gen “iso-photographic” computer-aided appearance design solutions that streamline the concept-to-production process like never before. Unlike others in the simulation industry, only UVR offers a full suite of proprietary tools, science, and technology to measure and reproduce the effects of light in any environment and on any material with true-to-life precision. UVR provides the only end-to-end computer-aided appearance design solution in the market to allow researchers, engineers, and designers to know exactly what a mocked up object will look like and how it will interact within different environments and use cases before it ever exists.

UVR is a Paris-based tech startup founded in August 2017 by Philippe Porral and Thomas Muller — a spin-off from research conducted at the MINES ParisTech University.


MINES ParisTech







MINES ParisTech   Université de Reims

ELDIM    SEELAB      Light and Shadows

Digital Spectral Polarimeter (D-SP) Camera

360-degree Optical Imaging

Our state-of-the-art D-SP camera captures 360-degree spectral data and four-dimensional polarization with pixel-level precision — in both natural and artificial light environments. Available for purchase beginning in June 2019.

Key features include:
— Captures 360-degree environments within seconds
— Acquires and quantifies spectral data
— Acquires and quantifies four-dimensional polarization
— Outputs HDR images for use by the OMEN Simulation Suite

UVR’s proprietary D-SP camera



Polarization as described by the 4-dimensional Stokes vector

OMEN Simulation Suite

The Secret to Iso-Photography

This is the powerful rendering engine at the heart of UVR’s iso-photography offering that uses key measurements — from CAD drawings, materials, artificial and natural light environments, camera characterizations (sensors and lens/optical), and more — to create high-resolution iso-photographs that accurately predict how all aspects of light (reflection, transparency, etc.) will interact with any material and in any environment. The full suite — OMEN, OSky, OLab, OMatter, and OCamera — will be available for licensing as a subscription-based service beginning in late 2019.

Key features include:
— Accounts for all physical phenomena (spectral and polarization)
— Processes measurements with accuracy: light, material, lens, sensor
— Outputs UVR-certified iso-photographic images
— Interactive, low-latency user experience (GPU/HPC)
— Originally built to be VR-compatible
— Easily integrated with other simulation systems and technologies



Measurements On Demand

Tailor-made for Your Business

Not ready to make an upfront investment in products or subscription-based services? Yet, you still see the value of iso-photographic computer-aided appearance design solutions for your business? Good news: we also offer a highly personalized measurement-on-demand service designed to meet your immediate manufacturing and design objectives.

This on-demand service provides the following:
— Material Measurements (BRDF)
— Environmental Measurements (D-SP)
— Screen Emitting Measurements
— Camera Characterizations (sensor or lens)