Cutting-edge optical science to eliminate the need for physical prototypes and mockups in the design process

UVR was created to give product manufacturers and designers a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to build, test, and refine multiple prototypes and mockups in real-time. To address this need, we provide next-generation “iso-photographic” computer-aided appearance design solutions (i.e. CAD for appearance design) to streamline and build a higher level of confidence in the design portion of the concept-to-production process.  

Unlike others in the simulation industry, UVR offers the only end-to-end suite of computer-aided appearance design solutions in the market — backed by the most advanced optical science and research — to measure, reproduce, and evaluate the effects of light in any environment and on any material with true-to-life precision. We empower researchers, engineers, and designers with the confidence to know exactly what a mocked up object will look like and how it will interact in different environments before it ever exists

Thefore, our long-term vision is to eliminate the need for physical prototypes and mockups in the design process. This is especially critical for industries in which style and appearance factor largely into how end users choose one brand’s products over another. UVR’s full suite of iso-photographic computer-aided appearance design solutions make it easy for important design decisions (i.e. color, texture, material) to be optimized against various environmental conditions and perfected in real-time. This leads to a higher degree of confidence early on in the product development and design process as well as fewer surprises once production gets underway.

UVR is a funded Paris-based tech startup founded in August 2017 by Philippe Porral and Thomas Muller — a spin-off from research conducted at the MINES ParisTech University

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