Cutting-edge optical science that will help businesses eliminate the need for physical prototypes and mockups in the design process

For product manufacturers and designers who need a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to build, test, and refine multiple prototypes and mockups in real-time, UVR provides next-gen “iso-photographic” computer-aided appearance design solutions that streamline the concept-to-production process like never before. Unlike others in the simulation industry, only UVR offers a full suite of proprietary tools, science, and technology to measure and reproduce the effects of light in any environment and on any material with true-to-life precision. UVR provides the only end-to-end computer-aided appearance design solution in the market to allow researchers, engineers, and designers to know exactly what a mocked up object will look like and how it will interact within different environments and use cases before it ever exists.

UVR is a Paris-based tech startup founded in August 2017 by Philippe Porral and Thomas Muller — a spin-off from research conducted at the MINES ParisTech University.


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