OMEN Simulation Suite

The Secret to Iso-Photography

This is the powerful rendering engine at the heart of UVR’s iso-photography offering that uses key measurements — from CAD drawings, materials, artificial and natural light environments, camera characterizations (sensors and lens/optical), and more — to create high-resolution iso-photographs that accurately predict how all aspects of light (reflection, transparency, etc.) will interact with any material and in any environment. The full suite — OMEN, OSky, OLab, OMatter, and OCamera — will be available for licensing as a subscription-based service beginning in late 2019.

Key features include:
— Accounts for all physical phenomena (spectral and polarization)
— Processes measurements with accuracy: light, material, lens, sensor
— Outputs UVR-certified iso-photographic images
— Interactive, low-latency user experience (GPU/HPC)
— Originally built to be VR-compatible
— Easily integrated with other simulation systems and technologies