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We are an nimble team of scientists, technologists, optics experts and visionaries who revolutionize the conventional approach of prototyping process, from the design conception to its production.

UVR was created in 2017 to give designers and engineers a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to build, test, and refine multiple prototypes and mock-ups in an interactive way. By combining years of experiences in large industries and scientific research, we developed cutting edge optical simulation software offering physic-based rendering, integrated with virtual reality.


Thomas Muller is an expert in digital simulation and virtual reality.
He pioneered the technology of simulating the real appearance of materials through his work in the automotive industry. Thomas is the designer of the “iso-photographic” simulation theory at the heart of UVR software for “Computer Aided Appearance Design”.

Since 1988 Philippe Porral has led numerous research and innovation works within the PSA automotive Group. He is an expert in  the technology of simulating the real appearance of materials in the industrial world.

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We are here to support your ambitions, offering you the assistance that your project needs

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Because we value your project, our mutual objective is to guarantee you a high level of confidentiality

Proof of Trust

Double check in a controlled environment light box, to make a comparison between a real photo and our predictive simulation, based on real physics data


No big investments required ! We have the necessary equipment to do light and material measurements tailored-made for your needs

Our Mission

To help you get the most out of your 3D CAD models by offering you next generation predictive appearance software.

UVR lets you turn any 3D CAD model into true-to-life digital modelling, allowing you to reduce the need for physical prototypes and mock-ups in the design process.

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