Digital Spectral Polarimeter (D-SP) Camera

The Powerful Data Behind Simulations and Iso-Photography

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art Digital Spectral Polarimeter (D-SP) camera captures spectral data and polarization* with pixel-level precision in both natural and artificial light environments: a one-of-a-kind hyper-spectral imaging apparatus for measuring outdoor 180-degree x 360-degree lighting environments.

Key features include

Captures 360-degree environments within seconds
— Captures and quantifies spectral data
— Captures and quantifies four-dimensional polarization*
— Outputs spectral or RGB HDR images for all simulation types
     (including those rendered by the OMEN Simulation Suite)

Technical Specifications

Spectral Range (nm)
400 – 1000

Spectral Channels

Image Resolution

Estimated Capture Time
1 minute (outdoor sunny day)

      Polarization as described by the 4-dimensional Stokes vector

  Digital Spectral Polarimeter