Measurements On Demand

Light, Material, and Camera Measurements Tailored to You

Whether you are interested in pursuing the benefits of iso-photographic computer-aided appearance design — in other words, advanced CAD for appearance design — or simply need access to precise measurements for a variety of use cases, UVR offers a custom measurement-on-demand service tailored specifically to meet your business’s R&D and quality control objectives. Once captured, these measurements can be turned into iso-photographic simulations via our proprietary OMEN Simulation Suite or processed by your business’s existing data rendering systems and technologies.

We can export the data collected in multiple formats, including Excel and XML. Upon request, we can also develop data visualizations and provide useful insights to help further achieve key business objectives.

Material and Screen Emitting* Measurements 

We offer two powerful data acquisition systems for capturing BRDF material and screen-emitting measurements. 

Environmental Measurements 

Using UVR’s proprietary Digital Spectral Polarimeter (D-SP) camera, we can capture 360-degree spectral data and polarization with pixel-level precision in both natural and artificial light environments.

Camera Characterizations

We can calibrate your own camera lenses and sensors to improve the consistency, reliability, and overall accuracy of your measurements. This service will be available beginning in October 2019. 

 Measurements On Demand