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Predict Suite

Computer Aided Appearance Design helps reducing the need for Physical Prototypes and Mockups in the Design Process

Predict Engine is a powerful rendering engine at the core of UVR’s computer-aided appearance design (CA²O) platform : the Predict Suite. Our cutting edge optical simulation engine processes data from multiple data sources (CAD drawings, BRDF, camera characterizations, spectral environments...) to create high-resolution Iso-Photographic renderings predicting with pixel-level precision how the light interacts with any object or material, in any natural or artificial environment. The Predict Suite is enriched with Predict lab, an optical analysis solution, Predict matter, an agnostic 3D asset library, and Predict sky, a light simulation tool. The Predict Suite was designed to give product manufacturers and designers a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to build, test and refine prototypes and mock-ups in an interactive way.

Predict engine

Predict Engine is a compelling computer-aided appearance design renderer and enables Designers and Engineers to achieve predict rendering, which is disrupting data visualization towards iso-photography.

Predict engine core features

Predict Engine computation is fully spectral, making light transport and material appearance accurate for all wavelength under all lighting situations. Input measures and models, output simulations and the path tracing algorithm are all spectral.
Predict Engine computation takes polarization into account at all stages of the process (inputs, light transport and outputs), allowing for accurate reflection and transmission through all materials. Polarization is especially important when computing interactions with transparent, reflective materials or coatings, and when the light source itself is polarized (clear sky, LCD screen,...).
Unbiased and Deterministic
One can trust Predict Engine simulations thanks to its spectral and polarized path tracing algorithm. The path tracer makes no approximation on how the light propagates into the scene, making the final simulation accurate, repeatable and reliable.
Fast multi GPU rendering
Use all available Nvidia cards on your machine to get an accurate simulation within minutes or even seconds. Not enough? You can scale on a HPC GPU cluster to get there even faster!
Predict Engine can simulate the behavior of a camera, or any type of optical instrument, by formally predicting a photograph. This makes virtual prototyping reliable and comparable to the ground truth: a still photograph.
Photometry and Colorimetry
Predict Engine supports CIE standard observers and color space transformation to compute accurate photometric and colorimetric quantities.
Generate and export multi-spectral simulation outputs to be analysed in Predict Lab. Predict Engine algorithm is always fully spectral but you can choose the format of the exported simulation.
Physical sensors
Simulate your scenes as they are seen through all types of sensors. Measure their spectral response curves and analyze the precise output of the sensors.
Global illumination
Predict Engine algorithm takes indirect light bounces into account : reflections between objects and illumination through transparent surfaces are computed accurately.
Compute and export simulations with high dynamic range data. Analyse them using Predict Lab.
Unity3D Integration
Predict Engine is fully integrated with Unity3D. Benefit from all the Unity3D features and include Predict easily into your usual Unity3D pipeline. More integration is coming soon.
XR Integration
Insert your Predict renderings and Lab analysis as a texture into real time VR or AR environments. The texture will update while the simulation converge interactively.
Live preview
Preview the simulation output and pixel information while the simulation is rendering to get an overview of the final output. Place and adjust the sensor interactively.
Additional Pixel Data
Generate and visualize additionnal pixel data about the scene such as depth, normals or material indexes and the render state such as the number of sample and the variance.
4K resolution support
Generate high definition simulations for precise analysis, 4K stereo vision, or just to get an outstanding picture !
Variants definition
Define variants in your scene to switch between predefined configurations and compare several materials, environments, models and lights.
Batch rendering
Quickly generate batch of simulations for a set of variants and viewing directions. Combine those outputs easily into physically accurate animated simulations.
Use the power of Unity to write your own scripts and automate any part of the simulation process.
The Predict Suite is fully supported on both Windows and Linux OS.

Predict lab

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Predict Lab is a versatile optical analysis tool that enables you to validate light, colors, and materials interactions. Predict Lab gathers qualitative and quantitative data including radiometrics and photometrics.

Predict lab features

RAW files analysis
Analyse the content of the RAW simulation outputs from Predict Engine. Visualize the content of each computed layer, get and export the information for a given pixel, and get some details on the simulation context.
Post process
Rework the post process applied to Predict Engine simulation output. Change the exposure, apply filters and preview physical data with colormaps.
Uniformity analysis
Analyse and validate the uniformity of displays intensity, plane illumination and other physical quantities by comparing points in a grid, along a broken line, or selected manually.
Standard validation
Compare your simulations to global norms and standards to validate your prototypes. Among others, Predict Lab allows for radiometry, intensity, luminance and polarization analysis.
Polarization analysis
Analyse the state of polarization contained in Predict Engine output. Visualize clearly the polarization characteristics such as the degree, orientation and ellipticity.
ROI Comparison
Define regions of interest in your simulation and compare values of single pixels or averaged regions.
Datasheets export
Export data from Predict Engine simulations to tabulated datasheets to be included in your usual analysis routine. Select the data to export using the different Predict Lab modules.
Predict Lab is fully integrated with Unity3D. Analyse Predict Engine outputs side by side with Predict Engine interface, and include Predict easily into your usual Unity3D pipeline.

Predict matter

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Predict matter enables you to import, edit, or create physically measured material and light data. Predict matter is fully interoperable to provide with users a consistent and powerful 3D asset library.

Predict matter features

Measured materials
Measure and visualize the spectral aspect of your physical material samples in complex scenes to better anticipate their appearance in any situation.
Measured displays and HUD
Get an accurate simulation of your displays and HUDs taking both spectral and polarization data into account. Visualize them in situ, checking on possible reflections, polarized filters influence or sun glares.
Spectral and Polarized environments
Light up you scenes with accurate spectral and polarized environment data. The environments can be measured or generated procedurally.
Physical material models
Define easily the materials you did not measured using physically plausible models. Use a single material definition for Predict Suite and softwares that are integrated.
IES light sources
Simulate real-world lights using IES light sources and get an accurate simulation of the light intensity and spatial distribution.
HDRI environments
Light up your scenes easily : drag and drop HDRI environments from your usual RGB or spectral library.
Procedural sun and environment
Light up your scenes with sun and skies generated procedurally for a given time, date and position. Suns can be generated directly from Predict Engine while environments are computed by Predict Sky.
Caustics and Dispersion
Predict Engine algorithm uses accurate geometrical optics paths : caustics always appear depending on the shape of the 3D objects, and dispersion is entirely defined by the physical definition of the materials.
Predict Matter is fully integrated with Unity3D. Prepare Predict Engine input materials and light sources side by side with Predict Engine interface, and include Predict easily into your usual Unity3D pipeline.

Predict sky

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Predict Sky enables both spectral and polarized natural light simulation based on key data : date, time, location, and environmental factors such as pollution.

Predict sky features

Clear sky at precise date, time and location
Generate clear sky environment at any time and any place on Earth.
Spectral and polarized light
Create spectral and polarized clear sky environments using an accurate physical model.
Atmospheric Conditions
Define the turbidity and the state of the atmosphere by choosing between different presets.
Realtime visualization
Visualize in realtime the environment you are generating before exporting it.
Export the environment map to an OpenExr standard format file. This format is supported as an input in Predict Engine.
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