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Cutting-edge Appearance Design

We reduce the need for physical prototypes and mockups in the design process


UVR scientific approach is disrupting data visualization towards Iso-photography


Create predictive simulation including spectral and polarized properties


Take the stress out of prototyping freeing stakeholders from complexity


Improve product development efficiency through isometric digital simulation


Accelerate design and product development, and reduce errors, time-to-product, and cost


Digital prototyping

UVR software suite is conceived for industrial design. It enables designers and engineers to perform extremely precise spectral and polarized optical simulations. These simulations are so advanced that it allows users to generate visual contents that are isometrically converging with photography. With UVR software, one can take a photography of an object before it even exists. We call it ISO-PHOTOGRAPHY.



State-of-the-art technology

At the crossroads of predictive optical simulation analysis and iso-photographic visualization, UVR provides a fully integrated software suite that empowers stakeholders to deploy and implement digital twin technologies and solutions efficiently, accelerating innovation and increasing ROI, freeing designers, engineers, and decision makers from complexity.

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Spectral & Polarized light

By characterizing and reproducing light and material interactions, UVR proprietary algorithms enable you to: - Go beyond the limits of RGB: Thanks to Predict Engine, a raindrop on a sunny day may turn into a rainbow as in real life. - Integrate polarizing properties of materials such as glass or metal, and visualize how it impacts product appearance and user experience.

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Importance of polarized representation

You can clearly see the impact of polarization with two different polarized sun glasses and their impact on the readability of the screen depending on the orientation of the polarization.

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Image one


Importance of polarization in HUD simulation

True-to-Life HUD predictive simulation is only possible with polarization. By simulating spectral and polarized light and material interactions, industrials can reduce dramatically physical prototypes and mockups, shrinking time-to-product and decreasing cost.



True-to-Life light simulation

Predict how your prototype will react to both natural and artificial environment lights.


Use Cases


Automotive color control and management

Spectral and polarized light with all parameters including materials measured and characterized enable Designers to accurately simulate and reproduce how colors would evolve in the real life depending on the light settings.


Automotive interior - perceived quality

UVR Predict Suite provide with Designers and Engineers the possibility to emulate how light and material interact empowering True-to-Life appearance design.


Automotive exterior - perceived quality

Predictive rendering allows industrials to increase appearance and functional design process efficiency reducing time-to-product and increasing return on investments.

Flexible and efficient HMI

UVR software suite is integrated with Unity3D enabling intuitive and seamless integration with industrial tools, processes, and workflows.

Flexible and efficient HMI

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